Tomatoes in a pot - a clever alternative to outdoor tomatoes

Tomatoes in a pot - a clever alternative to outdoor tomatoes

So the relationship between tomato variety and pot size is right

The tomato variety should be selected carefully for cultivation in the tub. Central criteria play a role, such as the height or the size of the fruit. A balanced ratio of pot size to the expected final size of a plant is ideal. The cumulative weight of the container, substrate, plant and fruit is also relevant. The following list shows popular pail tomatoes and recommended pot sizes next to each other.

  • Minibel, limited height, fruits 10 to 20 grams: 2-3 liter pot volume (17-19 cm)
  • Tiny Tim, height 30 cm, small fruits: 3-5 liter pot size (19-23 cm)
  • Balcony star, popular small variety, fruits up to 50 grams: 5-7 liters pot volume (23-25 ​​cm)
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy, stature height 50 cm, red-yellow striped fruits, weight approx. 40 grams: 7-9 liter pot size (25-27 cm)

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It is especially the cocktail tomatoes that are ideal for growing in the tub. Above all the varieties 'Sweet Million', 'Piccolino' or 'Gold Nugget', which with a height of 100-150 centimeters, however, require a bucket volume of at least 40 liters.

The pot size is not the only decisive factor

There is no doubt that the extensive root ball of a tomato plant should find enough space in the tub. In addition, knowledgeable hobby gardeners make sure that there is at least one opening in the bottom of the pot. Excess irrigation water should be able to run off so that no waterlogging occurs.

The color is another important attribute. As warm as tomatoes are; In the black tub, the substrate heats up significantly too much under the sun. Light shades are ideal, as they also create a cheerful atmosphere on the balcony and terrace.

Plant tomatoes correctly in the pot

Once the decisions have been made regarding the variety, pot size, color and location, planting is on the agenda. Commercially available vegetable soil, which is enriched with compost and humus garden soil, is suitable as a substrate. From mid-May, the young tomatoes that have been grown or bought ready-made may be outdoors. Planting the tomatoes correctly is not difficult:

  • Cover the drainage with a drainage made of potsherds, gravel, perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) or grit
  • Spread a water and air permeable fleece over it
  • half fill the bucket with substrate
  • center the tomato plant and a support rod
  • Fill in the rest of the potting soil and press repeatedly with your fist so that no air holes form
  • A pouring edge of 2-3 centimeters makes sense

Finally, water the tomato plant generously. Ideally, you should use slightly tempered rainwater or stale tap water.

Tips & Tricks

Even with small tomato varieties in the pot, considerable weight is accumulated over the course of the season, especially after watering. It is therefore advisable to always place the tub on a plant trolley. If necessary, the tomato plant is always mobile when a change of location is desired.