Flatten uneven meadow - this is how you straighten a meadow

Flatten uneven meadow - this is how you straighten a meadow

Two types of leveling

First of all, there are two ways you can straighten your meadow. The first method is pretty radical and boils down to flattening everything and then re-sowing it. If that seems too brutal to you (or you are sorry for your beautiful meadow), the meadow can also be straightened in its current state. It won't work without injuries, but don't worry: your plants will recover quickly and colonize the fresh soil.

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The right time for straightening

It is best to straighten your meadow in spring - around mid-April - during a warm and dry weather period. The earth should neither be wet nor cold - after all, you have to re-sow in the course of this work, which requires soil temperatures of around 10 ° C. Alternatively, you can carry out the straightening earlier (around March) and then let the soil rest until you plant the new seeds.

Completely level the meadow and sow again

For complete leveling, mow the meadow as short as possible and dig it up thoroughly. You can also have larger areas plowed. Now crumble up the soil as finely as possible and distribute it - for example using a rake - as evenly as possible over the entire surface. In some cases, for example because the ground is criss-crossed with numerous mole passages and correspondingly holey, you have to bring in additional soil and spread it as evenly as possible. After successful leveling, sow the desired meadow flowers again.

Straighten an existing meadow

If the meadow is just a little hilly, you usually don't need to dig it up completely. Mow the vegetation as short as possible and then fill the existing hollows with a mixture of earth and sand. Use a long wooden slat or something similar to strip the ground with the fresh earth so that an even surface is created. Loosen the soil a little and re-sow the gaps with fresh seeds.

Tips & Tricks

In particularly severe cases, it makes sense to work with a roller. The device reliably rolls away unevenness, but also - depending on the device - more or less compacted the soil. After such a measure you should scarify the meadow.