Plant geraniums correctly - abundance of flowers all year round

Plant geraniums correctly - abundance of flowers all year round

Which location do geraniums prefer?

First of all: geraniums need sun, sun and even more sun! The more, the more beautiful and richer the flowers are.

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What substrate do geraniums need?

Geraniums are heavy consumers and therefore need a loose, well-drained and nutrient-rich substrate. Special geranium soil is available in stores, but you can also mix it yourself from commercially available, pre-fertilized potting soil, compost and perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) or sand. But also make sure that the pot drains well, because geraniums do not tolerate waterlogging.

Can you only keep geraniums in pots or also plant them outdoors?

In principle, you can also plant geraniums in the perennial bed, but the plants are not hardy and must therefore be dug up again in autumn and wintered frost-free. If you want to plant geraniums in the garden, this procedure is recommended:

  • Plant the geraniums in a large, untreated clay pot.
  • This should have a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • Sink this into the ground so that at most only the upper edge of the pot can be seen.
  • In autumn you can dig up the plant and the pot again.

The advantage of this method is that you can cultivate non-hardy plants in the perennial bed and then dig them up again without damaging the roots.

When is the best time to plant geraniums?

Geraniums should only be planted after the ice saints - from mid-May at the earliest. The plants are very sensitive to frost and should therefore be protected from possible late frosts.

What is the ideal planting distance for geraniums?

As young plants, geraniums are still quite small, but under the right conditions they can spread very quickly in all directions. Therefore, do not place more than a maximum of four young plants in an average balcony box one meter long.

When do geraniums bloom?

Geraniums are tireless summer bloomers and show their splendor in the months between May and October. However, you should regularly remove any that has withered in order to encourage the plants to have this long flowering period.

How can geraniums be propagated?

Geraniums can be propagated very well from semi-ripe cuttings that are cut in late summer. You can recognize them by the fact that the stems have already turned brown, ergo lignified. On the other hand, cuttings that are too soft mold quickly. It is also possible to grow seeds from purchased or self-collected seeds, but not with all varieties. As a rule, hybrids can only be reproduced vegetatively.

Can geraniums also be preferred?

You can start growing geraniums from seeds yourself from January / February. If you plant the seeds in potting soil, it is best to place the plant pots in a warm and bright place, preferably in an indoor greenhouse. As soon as the plants have four leaves, they can be pricked out and planted in good potting soil. Fertilization begins around six to eight weeks after germination.


Geraniums can be planted very well together with verbenas, elven mirrors, spider flowers, juggler flowers, gypsophila, lobelia or petunias. Fuchsias, on the other hand, are less suitable as they prefer a rather shady location.