What is the best way to sow poppy seeds?

What is the best way to sow poppy seeds?

This will tell you how easy it is to sow when the location is right. It should be dry and get as much sun as possible. In addition, the poppy likes a well-drained soil, as it does not tolerate waterlogging at all.

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Where do you get the seeds from?

You can safely take the seeds for your future poppy seeds from your own existing plants. As a rule, they germinate without any problems. If you don't have any plants from which you can take the seeds or would you like to have a different variety in your garden, such as the double peony poppy or the ground-covering alpine poppy, you will find a wide selection of seeds in specialist shops.

Sow the poppy seeds correctly

Poppy has long tap roots and is therefore difficult to prick out. For this reason, you should sow it directly in the desired location. If that is not possible, then sow in pots. Only plant the seedlings when they have grown into strong young plants. Then put the root balls from the pots completely into the soil, even if several plants are growing in them.

Scatter fine poppy seeds widely on the prepared bed. To make this easier for you, you can mix the seeds with a little sand. After sowing, cover the seeds with a little soil because they are light germs. During the germination period, which lasts around 10-20 days, the seeds should always be slightly damp, but not wet.

The best tips for sowing:

  • Sow as close as possible to the desired location
  • sow broadly
  • Mix the seeds with some sand if necessary
  • hardly cover with soil - light germs
  • Keep seeds only slightly moist
  • prick difficult

Tips & Tricks

The poppy does not only fit in the classic cottage garden. Sow the white alpine poppy in your rock garden or the up to one meter high Turkish poppy in a sunny corner of the garden.