When is strawberry season in Germany?

When is strawberry season in Germany?

The starting shot for carefree enjoyment is given in May

With the beginning of spring, the anticipation of juicy, sweet strawberries from local cultivation grows among young and old. The temperatures are finally rising and the queen of berries is ripening. Although the regional weather conditions define the actual start of the harvest every year, the framework conditions are largely fixed. Thanks to the polytunnels (€ 7.94 at Amazon *) and greenhouse, disgruntled weather can be beaten. The time frame for the season:

  • The main season is from May to August
  • with special everbearing strawberry varieties, the season extends into autumn

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This is how strawberry season ticks for hobby gardeners

While a strawberry gourmet connects the beginning of the season with the beginning of the harvest time, other dates are of interest to the hobby gardener. In the allotment garden, the definition of strawberry time also integrates the planting time. Of course, only those gardeners who sow and plant at the right time can harvest refreshing strawberries. Accordingly, the following data apply:

  • optimal planting time is in July and August in the warm summer soil
  • alternatively, annual strawberries come into the soil from March

Although the vast majority of hobby gardeners favor growing ready-made strawberry plants, sowing is also possible. In this case, grow the young plants from seeds in the house yourself from January / February.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who is tempted to harvest strawberries too early will be disappointed. In contrast to apples and bananas, strawberries do not ripen. Freshly picked, the juicy red fruits remain edible for a maximum of 2 days before they become soft and mushy.