Can you ripen persimmon fruits?

Can you ripen persimmon fruits?

Like many exotic fruits, the persimmons are also harvested in the unripe state in the growing countries. In this way, the persimmon fruits can be stored and transported a long time before they go on sale. In commercial cultivation, the fruits are artificially ripened before they are sold. Treatment with ripening gas also neutralizes the tannic acid contained in the fruit, so that it no longer leaves a furry feeling in the mouth when consumed.

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Enjoy ripe fruits

The ripe kaki fruits have smooth, shiny, orange-colored skin and very soft and juicy flesh. They contain many vitamins and have a nutritional value comparable to that of grapes. Depending on the variety, the fruits differ in size, shape and consistency. The following varieties can be found on the market - especially in the winter months:

  • Persimmon (apple-sized, round, sweet, jelly-like pulp only edible when ripe),
  • Persimmon or persimmon (oval, firm skin and firm flesh, yellow or red-orange depending on the degree of ripeness),
  • Sharon (slightly flattened shape, similar to tomatoes, also edible when unripe, does not have an astringent effect).

Unripe fruits ripen in a cool place

The unripe harvested fruits are very firm and can be kept for several months with appropriate cooling. The Sharon fruit and also the persimmon can be eaten without any further ripening. The persimmon, which has the most to offer in terms of taste when fully ripe, contains many tannins before it is ripe, which is responsible for the unpleasant furry feeling on the tongue.

The unripe persimmon fruits can be left to ripen in the refrigerator for several days to a few weeks. For particularly “stubborn” specimens, short-term storage in the freezer may also be an option. When the flesh is very soft, almost pudding-like, the persimmon has achieved its full aroma. The fruit can then simply be cut open and spooned out.

Tips & Tricks

If you have your own persimmon tree, you can let the persimmon fruits ripen on the tree. Long after it has thrown off the leaves, the fruits stay stuck in the branches and become heavier and sweeter.