What to do if the golden fruit palm gets dry leaves?

What to do if the golden fruit palm gets dry leaves?

Possible causes of dry leaves of the golden fruit palm

  • Too dry
  • Waterlogging
  • too dark location
  • calcareous substrate or irrigation water
  • Spider mites

Proper watering of the golden fruit palm

The golden fruit palm needs a lot of moisture, especially in summer. You must therefore water them thoroughly regularly. However, the Areca palm does not tolerate waterlogging. Never leave water in the saucer or planter.

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The irrigation water should be low in lime and room temperature. Water that is too chalky and cold will cause the leaves to turn brown.

A good location for the Areca palm

Golden fruit palms like it bright, but do not tolerate direct sun well in summer. If the solar radiation is too high, the palm reacts with dry, brown or yellow leaves.

In winter, however, the golden fruit palm prefers a sunny location, but not directly behind a pane of glass.

Recognize and treat spider mites

Spider mites are most common when the humidity is very low. Prevent this by spraying the fronds with water once more often.

An infestation can be seen in small webs that are located on the leaf axils. They are easy to see if you wet the leaves with water.

If possible, you should place an infected areca palm under the shower and rinse gently. Then set them up isolated from other plants. Chopsticks that are stuck into the earth have proven themselves as chemical means of control. They are available from specialist dealers.

Cut off dried leaves

If only the tips of the leaves are brown, you can cut them off. If a large part of the leaf has dried up, wait until the frond is completely dry. Then cut it off so that only a small stump remains on the trunk of the golden fruit palm.


Diseases are not common in golden fruit palms. It is almost always a matter of care errors if the palm suffers from root or stem rot.