Snowball hydrangea Annabelle: Strong shrub with huge flower umbels

Snowball hydrangea Annabelle: Strong shrub with huge flower umbels

In which location does “Annabelle” feel most comfortable?

“Annabelle” is not very picky about her location because she is very shade-tolerant, but also feels very comfortable in the sun. The soil is more important, however, because this snowball hydrangea thrives best in a loose, fresh, humus-rich and slightly acidic substrate.

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How often do I have to water the “Annabelle” hydrangea?

The snowball hydrangea "Annabelle" dies very quickly when there is a lack of water, which is why it has to be watered abundantly, especially in dry conditions.

When and how should the snowball hydrangea “Annabelle” be fertilized?

It is best to fertilize “Annabelle” with a special hydrangea fertilizer to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients. In addition, the ground can be mulched with bark mulch, so that the moisture stays in the ground better and does not evaporate.

Can I cut back “Annabelle” in spring?

Since “Annabelle”, unlike the farmer's hydrangeas, blooms on the new wood, you can prune the shrub vigorously in spring. The cut also stimulates the formation of new shoots and thus the flowering.

What are the symptoms of the snowball hydrangea “Annabelle”?

Like many other plants, the “Annabelle” hydrangea can be attacked by various fungal and viral diseases, which, however, occur primarily as a result of incorrect care. Planted specimens are particularly troublesome for voles, caterpillars and the stubborn black weevil. As soon as the leaves and flower stalks droop, there is a lack of water, which must be rectified immediately. Water the plant well and water again after a few hours. You can also put tub hydrangeas in a larger vessel filled with water.

“Annabelle” gets yellow leaves, what should be done?

If the foliage increasingly loses color and gradually turns yellow, only the leaf veins remain green, then there is chlorosis, ie a lack of nutrients. This occurs when the pH value of the soil is too high and when there is insufficient nutrient supply. Add humus to the soil to lower the pH and fertilize in a targeted manner.

Is the hydrangea "Annabelle" hardy?

Yes, “Annabelle” has excellent winter hardiness. Due to the blossom formation on the new wood, there is also no risk of the flower buds freezing to death due to frost that sets in late in spring.

Tips & Tricks

Another beautiful snowball hydrangea is the dark pink to pink flowering “Bella Anna”, which forms ball-shaped inflorescences up to 20 centimeters in size. “Bella Anna” harmonizes wonderfully with “Annabelle”.