Harvest firebeans

Harvest firebeans

Harvest time

Fire beans sown in May bear the first ripe fruit from the beginning of July. Regular picking stimulates the formation of new fruits. You can harvest late-sown firebeans until frost.

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Harvest fire beans as tender, green beans

The small, young beans from a size of 5 cm are particularly tender. They are harvested as whole pods and processed as cut beans.

Harvest ripe dried beans

If you want to harvest dry beans, you have to let the pods and seeds fully ripen. If the weather stays dry, you let the pods dry out on the plant. Then spread them out side by side in a dry place and let them dry for at least two weeks.

Make sure to also consume boiled firebeans!

As with all types of beans, the pods and seeds of the fire bean are poisonous when raw. Therefore, always boil the beans before eating them as vegetables, soup or bean salad.

Preserving fire beans

You can preserve fire beans by boiling them down and freezing them. Deep freezing is recommended. This method is best used to preserve vitamins and taste.

High-yielding varieties

  • Lady Di: 2 cm thick and up to 30 cm long, threadless pods
  • Moonlight: new variety with fleshy pods, suitable for boiling and freezing

Tips & Tricks

Fire beans are best productive when sown from May to June. They can cope well with cooler weather in spring. On the other hand, the heat and drought in summer cause problems for the flowers and pods.