The most beautiful crabapple varieties for beds and buckets

The most beautiful crabapple varieties for beds and buckets

These varieties make blooming dreams come true

The following Malus hybrids fulfill our wish for a lavish apple blossom with flying colors. From this emerges a decorative fruit curtain that adorns the garden well into autumn. In view of their aesthetic value, we do not blame these ornamental apples for the fact that they are hardly suitable for consumption.

  • Evereste delights with pink-white flowers, bright orange fruits and dark green foliage; Height 400-600 cm
  • Red Juvel, a premium variety with small, red fruits and lavish pink-red flowers; Growth height 400-800 cm
  • Winter gold trumps with pure white flowers and golden-yellow apples until winter; Height 400-600 cm

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If the focus is on the ornamental value of a malus, the enjoyment of fruit falls by the wayside for the human palate. The environmentally conscious hobby gardener cares little, as the birds in the garden are particularly happy about the small vitamin bombs during the nutrient-poor winter.

These crabapple varieties wish you good appetite

Although their name suggests otherwise, some of the most beautiful crabapple varieties give us edible fruits. It is primarily Malus hybrids that produce large, juicy apples. In contrast, small-fruited cultivars produce pea-sized ornamental apples that taste hard, woody and bitter. These varieties are a feast for the senses:

  • Golden Hornet delights us with golden yellow, aromatic fruits and white flowers; Height 400-600 cm
  • Red Sentinel convinces with delicate, deep red apples that follow a white-pink blossom; Growth height 400-500 cm
  • Butterball brings us pink porcelain flowers and buttery yellow, fruity apples; Height 400-600 cm

Since all crabapple varieties thrive both as a shrub and as a small tree, these hybrids are ideal for snacking hedges and blooming privacy screens.

Small and fine - ornamental apple varieties for the bucket

To turn the balcony and terrace into a flower fairy tale in spring, crabapple bushes that stay small are a smart choice. With the end of the flowering period, the decorative value is by no means a thing of the past, because as a result numerous fruits sprout that shine like jewels on the branches.

  • Pomzai, one of the healthiest crabapple varieties with a compact silhouette and orange-colored fruits; Height of growth 120-150 cm
  • Tina, the delicate beauty delights with white flowers and red, seductive apples; Height of growth 120-150 cm

Basically, almost all ornamental apple varieties are suitable for cultivation in pots for at least a few years. Thanks to their cut tolerance, the flowering trees can be kept at the desired height without any problems. After 3 to 4 years you can then plant the ornamental apples in the garden bed.


If you are on the lookout for a crabapple variety with red foliage, you will find it in the Malus hybrid 'Royality'. From April to May, ruby-red flowers rise above the elegant, shiny, dark-red leaves, followed by deep-red fruits in autumn.