Freezing yellow beans - these options are available

Freezing yellow beans - these options are available

Clean the yellow beans

The freshly harvested yellow bean pods can be kept for a few days if refrigerated. However, if they are meant to be frozen, they should be placed in the freezer the same day if possible. Freezing requires some preparatory work:

  • Sort out rotten and damaged beans
  • Wash the beans thoroughly under running water
  • remove both ends of each sleeve
  • If necessary, break or cut the beans into bite-sized pieces

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Raw, blanched or cooked?

Yellow beans can be frozen raw, blanched or cooked. All three methods have their advantages. It is true that raw beans are poisonous due to the ingredient phasin and only cooking can render this substance harmless. However, when the beans are cooked before consumption is irrelevant.

Freeze raw yellow beans

Freezing beans raw saves time, as there is no need for time-consuming blanching. The cleaned and cut beans are packed in freezer containers and go straight to the freezer. This method has disadvantages, but not everyone finds them annoying:

  • their beautiful color becomes less intense
  • they get a little limp

Blanch the beans beforehand

Blanching saves the color and also the firmness of the bean pods. When large quantities need to be frozen, it is time consuming. You can only work in portions, as too large an amount cools the boiling water down and the process of “fast” blanching is disturbed.

The beans are first boiled in salted water for about three minutes, then taken out with a ladle and placed in a bowl with cold water to quench.

Cold and well drained beans are packed in freezer boxes or bags in portions and frozen.

Cook the beans ready to eat

If beans go cold in a salad after defrosting, you can go one step further in preparation. Instead of just blanching them, you can cook them a few minutes longer until they are edible. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the bean pods. It usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes.


Try through a piece of bean in between so that you are sure to get the right cooking point.

Shelf life and further use

Yellow beans can be kept for around nine months. The prerequisite for this is that they are continuously stored at minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Beans can be added frozen in hot dishes. How long you have to continue cooking depends on whether you have been raw, blanched or frozen ready-cooked.

Only cooked beans may be used for salads. If the frozen beans were not fully cooked before freezing, they must be cooked further after defrosting. Only then can they enrich the salad.

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