Storing bananas correctly: this is how everyone succeeds!

Storing bananas correctly: this is how everyone succeeds!

Delicious solo trip

Anyone who knows their taste will never want to do without bananas again. However, bananas are not a good partner for other types of fruit.

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Green bananas spend a few days in a ripening room after export. There the gas ethene supports the ripening. Remnants of this gas are stored in the banana peel.

Bananas continue to give off this gas until they are consumed. For one thing, they still ripen themselves. However, on the other hand, it also affects other fruits. This can rot quickly. In a correspondingly timely manner, it even becomes indigestible.

Please not in the fruit bowl

Bananas quickly develop brown bruises in fruit bowls. A better place for proper storage is a hook in the pantry. Bananas can be kept for a few days where it is cool and dark. Airy storage is also recommended.

Let bananas ripen faster

If the bananas you buy are still too green, you can quickly remedy the situation. Simply store these specimens right next to a few apples. Alternatively, experts recommend keeping the bananas and apples airtight in a can.

These also excrete ethylene. In this way, the bananas quickly ripen into yellow delicacies.

Tropical taboo: the refrigerator

In general, the following applies to all types of fruit: They feel most comfortable at temperatures of their origin.

Tropical fruits such as bananas do not belong in the fridge under any circumstances. The low temperatures destroy protective cells. Ultimately, the fruits get annoying spots and become uncomfortably mushy.

For this reason, bananas feel most comfortable at room temperature.

Storage tips:

  • dry (about 3 to 4 days)
  • Room temperature
  • hanging
  • like a little dark

Rule of thumb:

The cooler you store bananas, the slower they ripen.

Warning: damage caused by the cold

The bananas suffer cold damage below 12 degrees Celsius. The shell turns gray. After a few hours, the pulp is also affected. The banana feels mushy.

Caution: heat

If it is too hot, the shell will burst. The pulp can be attacked from the outside.

Tips & Tricks

Should a banana in your kitchen be overripe, it can be used to conjure up delicious desserts. Very ripe bananas also have analgesic functions for intestinal diseases.


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