How to properly care for your Gazania - the best tips and tricks

How to properly care for your Gazania - the best tips and tricks

Plant the Gazania

In order for its flowers to open, the Gazania absolutely needs a sunny location that is best protected from rain. Do not plant the midday gold until after the ice saints in May outdoors or on the balcony, because it is not winter hardy. The soil should be well drained but still rich in nutrients. You can loosen it up with some sand or grit (€ 12.80 at Amazon *).

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Water and fertilize properly

The Gazania tolerates drought better than too much moisture or even waterlogging. You should therefore only water your plants moderately. On the other hand, you don't have to be too skimpy with fertilizer at midday gold. You can mix some liquid fertilizer into the irrigation water about every one to two weeks. Some varieties prefer a somewhat poorer soil, they are particularly suitable for rock gardens or the planting of dry stone walls.

The Gazania multiply

Gazanias are fairly easy to grow from seeds. However, you shouldn't collect these from your own plants. As a rule, the garden plants are hybrids that do not develop any or only poorly germinable seeds. It is better to buy seeds from specialist shops if you want to propagate Gazania in this way.

The gazanie in winter

The Sonnentaler is not hardy and is often sold as an annual summer flower. It is actually perennial and if you have the space, you should try wintering the Gazania. For this, this plant needs a frost-free, light winter quarters with a temperature between 5 and 10 ° C. During the winter it is only sparingly watered and not fertilized.

The best care tips for Gazania:

  • sunny location
  • well drained poor soil
  • water moderately
  • fertilize regularly
  • not hardy
  • Wintering possible
  • do not grow from collected seeds


Be sure to plant your Gazania in a sunny, rain-protected place, otherwise it will not open its pretty flowers.