How to plant the balcony box for the winter - tips for winter planting

How to plant the balcony box for the winter - tips for winter planting

Top 3 creative winter planting

The harsh living conditions on the wintry balcony leave little scope for gardening experiments. You can therefore rely on tried-and-tested classics that have been proven to brave the freezing frost in the flower box (€ 13.18 at Amazon *). The following winter triumvirate is equally suitable for a single planting and combination:

  • Winter heather (Erica carnea 'Whiskey') with orange-bronze-yellow needle leaves and ruby-red flowers from February; 15-20 cm
  • Red carpet berries (Gaultheria procumbens) with evergreen, oval leaves and red berries; 10-20 cm
  • Purple bells (Heuchera Hybride 'Plum Pudding'), plum-colored leaves with a silvery sheen; 20-30 cm

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Already at the planting time in autumn, think of a flowering transition from winter to spring. Place the bulbs of the early bloomers in the substrate between the winter plants. When winter heather, carpet berries and purple bells pay tribute to the winter hardships, snowdrops, march breakers and crocuses take over the floral baton.

Don't forget to protect yourself from the cold and water

Statements about the degree of winter hardiness always refer to planted perennials in the garden. In the flower box, the winter planting is in an exposed position, which makes the root balls vulnerable to severe frost. So wrap the planters on the balcony with bubble wrap. Wrap colorful jute ribbons, coconut mats (€ 116.09 on Amazon *) or fleece, decorated with stickers and other decorative elements.

The evergreen foliage continuously evaporates moisture even in winter. The sunnier the location, the more water is lost. You should therefore water your plants in the flower box regularly as soon as the substrate has dried on the surface. Winter drought stress is the most common cause of the total failure of winter plants in the balcony box.


The bar is high when it comes to planting the flower box on the north side creatively in winter. You can solve the design problem with winter-attractive, frost-resistant ornamental grasses. A prime example is the magical forest marbel (Luzula sylvatica 'Solar Flair'). The yellow-green summer stalks turn a furious golden yellow in winter, so that the turf harmonizes wonderfully with the shade-tolerant Christmas roses (Helleborus niger).