Caring for the butterfly orchid in an exemplary manner - this is how you do it right

Caring for the butterfly orchid in an exemplary manner - this is how you do it right

When and how should the butterfly orchid be watered?

If the orchid soil dries up, water the butterfly orchid with soft water. Please make sure that excess irrigation water can run off unhindered so that no waterlogging occurs. Until you, as a beginner, have the necessary instinct, you are on the safe side if you dip the root ball once or twice a week. If no more air bubbles rise up, let the water drain well before you place the plant pot in the planter.

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Spray leaves and aerial roots

By spraying the foliage and aerial roots of a butterfly orchid, you simulate the tropical climate conditions in your native rainforest. Ideally, you should use filtered, lukewarm rainwater or stale, lukewarm tap water.

Can a Phalaenopsis do without fertilizer?

Their epiphytic growth as epiphytes of rainforest trees leads to the assumption that butterfly orchids live on water and air. In fact, the aerial roots extract important nutrients from rainwater. In addition, organic material accumulates in the root network over time, the minerals of which keep growth going. As a houseplant, the Phalaenopsis is dependent on this supplementary supply of nutrients:

  • From April to October, add liquid orchid fertilizer every third irrigation or immersion water
  • Fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks from November to February

Can I cut a Malaysian flower?

The withered flower stalks branch out on numerous Phalaenopsis species and varieties. Fresh buds sprout from these extensions and soon develop into flowers. You should therefore only cut a shoot when it has dried up and has died. Please do the same with the sheets. Only when a sheet has yellowed and drawn in is it cut off with a clean knife.


In winter the butterfly orchid with its beautiful blooms drives away all gloomy thoughts. In the light-flooded location at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, immerse the root ball in soft water once a week. Every 6 to 8 weeks, add some fertilizer to the immersion water. So lovingly cared for, your Phalaenopsis overwinters in its magnificent flower dress.