Popular plate peach: Tree has the same demands as round peaches

Popular plate peach: Tree has the same demands as round peaches

200 year old gene mutation

The plate peach (also known as the flat peach or Saturn peach) was found in China over 200 years ago. It is probably a gene mutation of the conventional round peach. The very flat, squeezed-in looking fruits are more aromatic and sweeter than the “normal” peaches. Sometimes these peaches are also sold under the name “wild peach” or “vineyard peach”, but this is a misleading approach - flat peaches are grown on plantations just like all other peaches and are by no means collected from nature. Flat peach varieties - of which there are now many different varieties - have nothing in common with vineyard peaches.

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The plate peach tree makes the same demands as the normal peach tree

Apart from the shape and the taste of the fruits, plate peach and round peach trees do not differ from each other at all. Both species love a sunny location, are quite sensitive to cold and prone to the peach curl disease. Flat peaches show wonderful pink flowers in spring.

That is what the flat peach tree needs

  • Sun, sun and a lot more sun
  • a humus-rich and loose soil
  • a soil rich in nutrients
  • lots of space (at least two meters from the next tree / plant!)
  • as well as regular circumcision
  • you should also treat the tree in the spring preventively against the curl disease

Pull a plate peach out of the core

If you like to eat plate peaches, then you should save a few stones and grow your own peach tree from them - with a little luck and a lot of good care, you can harvest peaches from the self-sown peach tree within a few years. However, keep in mind that peach kernels need to be stratified, meaning that they only germinate after a few months of hibernation. However, do not put the pips in the freezer as this will kill them. However, experience has shown that peaches germinate excellently if you simply throw some kernels on the compost heap in the autumn and finally take a look in the spring - there will certainly be little plants that you should repot.

Tips & Tricks

If you like to harvest ripe peaches fresh from the tree, but only have a small terrace or balcony, then you can also fall back on a dwarf peach tree. This is no more than a meter high.