Planting cress - a guaranteed success

Planting cress - a guaranteed success

At what location can you grow cress?

You can grow cress almost anywhere there is a little space:

  • Sunny location
  • Moist soil
  • No waterlogging
  • Sunny window sill

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In the garden, you should plant varieties such as watercress, as these will get larger and will not grow as well in pots.

Cress does not tolerate frost and thrives best at temperatures of 15 degrees and above. It grows particularly well in a sunny spot. But you can also grow cress in the shade without any problems. It just takes a little longer.

What is the best substrate for cress?

The subsoil must be kept moist and give the roots a hold. Cress grows just as well on normal garden soil as it does on cotton wool, speed handkerchiefs, kitchen paper or peat tablets.

When is the best time to sow?

You can sow cress outdoors from May to September. It can even be grown indoors all year round.

The first sowing of cress in the garden is possible from mid-May and can be continued continuously until the temperatures drop too much.

What plant spacing do you have to keep in the garden?

If you create a cress bed in the garden, keep a row distance of 15 centimeters. You do not have to separate cress in a row. If it is too close, simply harvest the excess plants.

You can also grow cress extensively between other vegetables.

Can cress be used as a catch crop?

Yes, because of the short vegetation period, harvested beds can be planted with cress at short notice. This has the advantage that the soil is used and the weeds are suppressed.

How is cress sown?

Sow the cress either in rows or across a wide area. Lightly press the seeds. Cress is a light germinator, the seeds are not covered with soil.

When can you harvest home-grown cress?

In the garden you can harvest the cress two to three weeks after sowing. As soon as the plants start to bloom, the leaves lose their aroma.

The cress is ready to be harvested on the windowsill in just a few days.

How is cress propagated?

Propagation takes place via seeds, which you either buy in stores or pluck from your cress plants.

Does cress get along with other plants?

Cress goes well with almost all other plants.

Tips & Tricks

Cress is the ideal plant for hobby gardeners who think they lack the green thumb. You have to do a lot wrong if you fail to grow the easy-care cress. Cress is particularly suitable for teaching children about sowing, planting and harvesting.