Increase the recreational value of a terrace with a wall as a privacy screen

Increase the recreational value of a terrace with a wall as a privacy screen

The stone wall as privacy, sun and wind protection

The erection of a stone wall is generally associated with more effort than the erection of privacy screens made of boards or pallets and the planting of living privacy screens, but a stone wall offers a lifespan of several decades, even with relatively little maintenance. In addition, a closed wall protects better than other types of privacy screens from gusts of wind, so that the terrace invites you to relax in the open air even in spring and autumn when there is little sunshine. Depending on the orientation of a terrace and the correspondingly high privacy wall, the wall can also partially serve as sun protection.

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Thorough planning of a wall creates long-term stability and security

Before building a wall, you should consider the following topics when planning so that there is no rude awakening after the start of construction:

  • any licensing requirements and distance regulations
  • the planned height of the privacy wall
  • Construction and material
  • the nature of the subsurface

The weight of a stone wall should never be underestimated, the nature of the materials requires precise planning before erecting a privacy wall. While the widespread stone baskets can guarantee good stability even with a relatively high wall height, natural stone walls are subject to a fundamental limitation in the possible total height of the wall. In any case, you should inspect the stability of the subsurface on site and, if necessary, take precautions to rule out serious accidents during or after the construction of the wall.

Different variants of walls as terrace privacy protection

There are very different ways of protecting a terrace with a stone wall from being viewed from outside or next door. Most types of privacy walls are usually built from the following materials:

  • Gabions (stone baskets with a filling of usually regional rock)
  • Stone walls
  • Brick or concrete walls
  • Walls made of demolition material / historic bricks


A closed stone wall front can have a more restrictive effect on completion of the construction work than was thought during the planning. This can be remedied by placing mirrors along the wall with a window frame that looks deceptively real. This suggests a certain openness to the outside world to residents and guests on the terrace, although an absolutely opaque stone wall protects the terrace from prying eyes.