Extend the flowering time of the pansies

Extend the flowering time of the pansies

The blooming pansies can easily be transplanted at any time so that you can add color to the perennial beds, which are still bare in spring. A large selection of varieties - also filled and with several flower colors on one plant - are offered.

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The large flowers of the garden pansy (Viola wittrockiana) consist of:

  • five partially overlapping petals,
  • the middle, largest petal points downwards,
  • the smaller petals arranged in pairs above are directed upwards,
  • the characteristic black eye sits in the middle of the flower.

Autumn blossom

The pansies sown in early summer already bloom in October / November, and in mild weather throughout the winter. In order to enjoy the motley flowers of the pansies on the dull autumn days, the seeds should be sown in June at the latest. Of course, you can buy the blooming pansies everywhere in autumn.

Spring and summer blooms

For the spring bloom, the seeds are sown outdoors in August / September or the young plants are preferred in a cool room in the winter months. From April to June the pansies bloom tirelessly. The cheerful, colorful flowers can be with us until August if you consistently remove what has withered and thus stimulate further branching and flower formation.

Tips & Tricks

The plants that have bloomed and banned from the balcony boxes (€ 106.25 at Amazon *) can be composted or used to fill one or the other gap in the garden beds. Under favorable conditions they can sow themselves there.