The coconut palm - a popular houseplant

The coconut palm - a popular houseplant

What to look for when buying

Coconut palms are often sold at a reasonable price, but that shouldn't make you rush to buy. Because you will only enjoy long-term pleasure with a healthy plant; a sick or weakened plant is susceptible to pests and can thus also be a danger to other plants in its vicinity.

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A healthy coconut palm has shiny green leaves. If the leaves are dull and silvery, then the palm could suffer from spider mites. The reason for this is often insufficient humidity. If the palm has suffered from prolonged drought, it shows this with yellow leaf margins. You shouldn't buy this palm either.

The right location

Coconut palms love sun, warmth, lots of water and high humidity. These are not exactly ideal living conditions for people. Nevertheless, a coconut palm can also feel comfortable in your living room if you help a little.

Give your coconut palm a sunny spot right by the window and ensure a constant temperature of at least 20 ° C even at night. In summer, your coconut palm is welcome to move onto the balcony or terrace. If the nights are cool, however, she shouldn't stay outside.

The essentials in brief:

  • at least 20 ° C, even at night
  • lots of lukewarm water
  • no waterlogging
  • high humidity

The optimal care

Water your coconut palm regularly. It is best to use lukewarm, lime-free water; rainwater is ideal. You can also spray your palm with lukewarm rainwater, which also ensures the necessary humidity in the immediate vicinity of the plant.

Every two years or so, your coconut palm needs a new plant pot so that the roots have enough space. Use substrate or mix potting soil with sand. Make sure that half the coconut is still sticking out of the ground.

Tips & Tricks

Just buy a healthy coconut tree, find the ideal location and water your coconut tree regularly and you will enjoy it for a long time.

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