Properly transplant an apple tree

Properly transplant an apple tree

Reasons for transplanting the apple tree

Not only the change of residence can be a reason for transplanting an apple tree. Sometimes garden owners only realize after a few years that the respective tree with its treetop or its roots is too close to a building or the property line. If the wrong location with waterlogging is chosen when planting for the first time, transplanting may save the tree from dying.

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Choose the right time

An apple tree cannot simply be dug up at any time of the year. The period of dormancy between November and April offers the greatest opportunities for successful implementation. Even then, the tree can only be transplanted as long as the ground is frost-free. Thick branches should be removed from the treetop in good time before the planned transplanting campaign. This not only makes digging easier, it also makes it easier for the tree to grow in the new location.

Approach the matter well prepared

To transplant and transport the tree, you need at least the following things:

  • a spade
  • a pair of loppers
  • a jute sack (€ 6.86 at Amazon *) to protect the root ball
  • Wire or string to close the burlap sack
  • a watering can for watering
  • Humus to prepare the new location

The planting hole at the new location should be prepared first and equipped with loose humus. In this way, the period of time for the roots in the air can be kept as short as possible. Since the roots of an apple tree should not be underestimated, you can usually only transplant a tree whose trunk is not much thicker than a Coke can without heavy equipment.

Careful transplanting increases the chances of success

When digging out the root ball, the ball size should be chosen large enough so that as many fine roots as possible can remain on the tree. Roots that reach too far are neatly pierced with the spade. Transporting the bale in a jute sack prevents too much soil from falling down during transport. At the new location, the tree should be provided with support posts that allow it to take root better even in windy weather.

Tips & Tricks

The transplanting of an apple tree is possible in young specimens if some rules regarding the season and the procedure are followed.

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