Caring for magnificent magnolias properly

Caring for magnificent magnolias properly

How often should the magnolia be watered?

Magnolias have a very high water requirement, which they cannot cover by themselves as shallow roots, especially in hot summer months. Therefore, you have to make sure that the crop is kept constantly moist in summer. Even in winter, the magnolia should be watered from time to time, but only on frost-free days.

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Does it make sense to mulch magnolias?

For the same reasons, it is advisable to mulch the magnolia tree in the root area, for example with a layer of bark mulch. Magnolias should by no means dry out.

When and how is the magnolia best fertilized?

Magnolias planted in the garden usually do not need fertilization if they are on soil rich in nutrients and humus. Basically, it is sufficient to spread some finely chopped grass clippings or humus-rich compost in the root area in spring. If, on the other hand, the magnolia is in the bucket, regular fertilization with a mineral-rich fertilizer is essential.

When and how is a magnolia tree pruned?

Since magnolias grow very slowly, an annual pruning is not necessary - on the contrary, because this can even cause drastic damage. It is sufficient to carefully prune the magnolia tree about every three to five years, whereby dead branches and twigs must of course be removed regularly. Coat the cut surfaces with a fungicide. As with all flowering trees, the best time to cut is when all the flowers have finished blooming. This should be the case around the end of June. So that the tree can recover from the intervention, you should refrain from pruning in autumn.

Do magnolias thrive in a tub?

Some types of magnolia, such as the purple magnolia or the rare, yellow blooming Magnolia Daphne, are wonderfully suitable for keeping in a tub. The bucket should be as wide as possible so that the flat roots of the plant have enough space to spread out. Potted magnolias must be watered and fertilized regularly, in winter it is advisable to wrap the bucket with a warming fleece.

How can the magnolia be propagated?

Propagation takes place mainly via cuttings, sinkers or mosses. Propagation by seeds, however, is not recommended as these magnolias are very lazy to flower.

What diseases can magnolias develop?

Magnolias are quite susceptible to both forms of powdery mildew. Black spots on the leaves indicate leaf spot disease.

How are magnolias best overwintered?

The younger a magnolia tree, the more sensitive it is to frost. You should therefore wrap the trunks of planted, young trees with a fleece and cover the root area with a thick layer of mulch (e.g. sticks, bark mulch). Magnolias in a bucket are best overwintered under cold house conditions. The plants become more robust with age.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, propagate your magnolia only by lowering or mossing, since cuttings are very difficult to root. For the same reason, the plant should not be transplanted.

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