How can you keep a lily as a houseplant?

How can you keep a lily as a houseplant?

Which location and which substrate are suitable?

The lily should be placed in a sunny and bright place in the apartment. The location should preferably not be exposed to direct sunlight. Temperatures between 15 and 20 ° C are ideal for the lily. If it is warmer, the flowers will not last as long.

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Conventional potting soil from the hardware store or garden center is suitable as a substrate. Rhododendron soil is also suitable for lilies. The main thing is that the earth has the following characteristics:

  • relaxed
  • well permeable
  • nutritious
  • humus

Care requirement: higher than with garden lilies

Lilies in the pot should be watered regularly. This is especially true at times when the heating is running at full speed. The soil of lilies must be kept evenly moist. It must not dry out, especially in the summer months. Otherwise the flower buds will dry up quickly, fall off and the flower will fail.

The first application of fertilizer can be made when the buds are visible. It is sufficient to provide the lilies with flowering fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks. This fertilizer is added to the irrigation water.

A pruning is necessary when the indoor lily has faded. The old inflorescences or seed heads are cut off with a sharp knife. This is done directly below the inflorescence to seed stand. The remaining stems and leaves are cut down in autumn.

Bring over the winter time

In winter, the lily is moved to a cooler place, such as the cellar, to hibernate. The soil in the pot should be slightly moistened with water every two to three weeks.

Buying potted lilies - what to look for?

Potted lilies are available in stores in spring and summer. Mostly Asian and Oriental lilies are offered. Watch out for:

  • healthy leaves and stems
  • large buds about to open
  • Freedom from pests

Tips & Tricks

Place the lily where cats cannot reach it. Lilies are poisonous for house cats.