Water the dragon tree properly

Water the dragon tree properly

A constant supply of moisture is a must for the dragon tree

The dragon tree originally comes from tropical and subtropical regions and is therefore used to relatively constant conditions all year round, and not just in terms of temperature. The water supply for the dragon tree should also be constant, so that the roots of the plant never dry out completely. Since dragon trees are also very sensitive to waterlogging, the soil in the pot should never be permanently wet. You can easily do a finger test on the dragon tree and pour it moderately with a little water as soon as the soil in the pot feels very crumbly and dry on the surface. For healthy growth, in addition to the correct fertilization, you should also pay attention to suitable, not too compacted plant substrate in the pot. You can mix it yourself from the following materials:

  • commercial potting soil
  • loamy garden soil
  • Pumice gravel
  • Lava granules
  • sand

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The subtle difference between damp and wet

For a dragon tree, the soil should be moist for as long as possible, but it must not be so wet that it comes to root rot or other serious diseases that can cause the dragon tree to die. In order to be able to adhere to exactly the right care conditions without constant checking, dragon trees are often preferably grown in hydroponics. In any case, only water that is rather low in lime should be used for watering so that the dragon tree and its roots can thrive permanently in a slightly acidic soil environment.

Provide tropical or subtropical humidity by spraying with water

The water requirement of each plant depends not least on its location and the respective local weather conditions. So unless your dragon tree is in a difficult location near the heating or in a place on the balcony that is excessively heated by the sun, you only need to water it once every few days. You can create ideal growth conditions if you occasionally spray the dragon tree with a little rainwater from the spray bottle.


It is relatively rare to see a dragon tree cultivated as a houseplant bloom. According to the theory of experienced dragon tree specialists, it should be beneficial for the dragon tree to bloom if it experiences a temporary dry phase.