Caring for butterfly lavender properly

Caring for butterfly lavender properly

Ideal for pots and balconies

The butterfly lavender is only between 25 and 40 centimeters high on average and is therefore the perfect candidate for a pot culture. The pretty blooming tiny can also be kept in balcony boxes that are sufficiently deep and provided with drainage (€ 106.25 at Amazon *). This lavender variety also needs a lot of sun and must never be too wet, otherwise the roots will start to rot. This is particularly important when cultivating in a balcony box, because here excess water naturally cannot drain away. Therefore, you should plant the butterfly lavender there either alone or with other plants that are similar in terms of care. Plants with a high need for nutrients and water, however, are unsuitable for socialization.

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Butterfly lavender is not hardy

In contrast to the real lavender, which is often planted in gardens, the butterfly lavender can only withstand temperature drops and especially winter cold with difficulty. The plant is not hardy and should therefore not be wintered outdoors, but indoors at relatively cool, but frost-free temperatures. In very bad weather - sudden cold spells or heavy downpours in summer - you can also put it in the room at short notice.

Butterfly lavender has different needs

Of all types of lavender, the crested or butterfly lavender has the longest flowering time. If the weather conditions are right, this variety begins to bloom as early as May and lasts until August. However, if possible, you should only put the butterfly lavender outside when there are definitely no more cold spells - especially night frost - to be expected. Cut off any that has faded early to encourage the plant to flower a second time. With regard to the supply of nutrients, there is a big difference to the other types of lavender: While these should be supplied with lime once a year if possible, the butterfly lavender must never be allowed in calcareous soil. You should therefore not water it with tap water, as this also contains more or less lime depending on the region.

Tips & Tricks

With lavender you can be stingy with fertilizer; for the more the plants are fertilized, the less they bloom. Sometimes there are care tips to read advising to fertilize lavender every two weeks. Please do not heed these tips.