Cutting autumn anemones - when and how?

Cutting autumn anemones - when and how?

Why is the autumn anemone cut?

  • Cutting cut flowers
  • Cut out what has faded
  • Remove diseased leaves
  • Cutting cuttings in summer
  • Cut back in spring

Cut autumn anemones for the vase

The autumn flowers look very decorative in the vase. Cut the stems that have just blossomed with scissors and put them straight into the water. If you change the water frequently, the flowers will last for up to a week.

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Cut out what has faded

When flowers on the perennial have faded, you should immediately use scissors. By continually cutting out the bloomed inflorescences, you can extend the flowering time of the Anemone hupehensis. It then always forms new flowers.

Remove diseased leaves

Anemone rust is shown by leaves that change color and dry out early. Cut off the infected leaves and discard them.

Cut cuttings in summer

In August you can cut cuttings from the autumn anemone if you want to propagate the perennial. This has the advantage that you receive single-variety breeding. Put the cuttings in potting soil so that they can take root. The young plants are only allowed to go outside in the next year.

Cut back in spring

Don't prune the fall anemone back in the fall. On the one hand, the plant with its seed heads is a very pretty sight in winter. On the other hand, the above-ground parts of the plant serve as winter protection.

The pruning takes place in early spring. Use a sharp knife to cut off all the shoots close to the ground. Be careful not to damage new shoots.

Don't forget your gloves!

The sap of the Anemone hupehensis is slightly poisonous in all anemone species. When cutting, the juice comes out and comes into contact with your skin. Therefore, always wear gloves when caring for the Japanese anemone to prevent skin inflammation.

Tips & Tricks

If the autumn anemone has gotten too big, don't just prune it down. Dig up the perennial, divide it and replant each piece. This allows you to multiply and rejuvenate the plants.