How to remove moss and algae with home remedies

How to remove moss and algae with home remedies

Soda makes the balcony and garden paths look good again

The classic among cleaning agents does not give up on moss and algae either. How to completely remove the green coating with washing soda and muscle fat:

  • Roughly scrape off the moss and algae with a spatula or a joint scraper
  • Make a mixture from 20 to 30 grams of soda and 1 liter of hot water
  • Spread on the green topping and leave for a few hours

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Thoroughly scrub off dead mosses and algae. Treat stubborn residues again with the soda water until the surface shines with its old freshness and sparkling clean.

Go into the field with vinegar against moss and algae - this is how it works

There is an effective control agent against moss and algae on the kitchen shelf. Vinegar is not only useful as a cleaning agent against dirt, mold and lime, but also removes the green plague from paths, balconies and patios. How to use the home remedy correctly:

  • Scrape off coarse moss and algae pads in advance to increase the effectiveness
  • Spray on undiluted fruit or wine vinegar
  • Alternatively, dilute vinegar essence with water and apply

Moss and algae die off within a short time. If the green covering has turned brown, scrub it off with a stiff broom. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated. Vinegar should not be used only on natural stone, such as marble, or on chalky floors, as it can cause stains.


If you have removed moss and algae from the pavement with the joint scraper, polymer joint sand effectively prevents renewed infestation. Instead of filling the scratched-out cracks with simple sand, poured-in polymer joint sand deprives the weeds of any chance of settling here again.