Dry the roses and keep the beautiful color

Dry the roses and keep the beautiful color

Roses are dried the traditional way: air drying or in the oven

Perhaps the most common method of preserving roses is by air drying. To do this, tie the roses together in a bouquet, enclose the stems tightly with an elastic band and hang the flowers upside down in a dark, warm and dry place. For example, rooms such as a boiler room or a dark attic are ideal. The roses hang for several weeks until they are completely dry. But be careful: in this condition, the bouquets are quite crumbly and break apart quickly. If you want to dry the roses faster, you can also do this in the oven - place the flowers one by one on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and let them dry for several hours at temperatures between 50 and 80 ° C.

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Preserve roses after they have dried

To increase the durability of the dried roses, you can then spray them all around with hairspray. This not only offers the advantage that the flowers do not crumble so quickly, dust does not stick to them too strongly and the roses can be cleaned better. However, this approach is only recommended for plants that are used purely as decoration - and not for the kitchen! - should be used.

Drying rose petals for potpourris or for the kitchen

Rose petals for potpourris or for use in the kitchen should be dried particularly gently and with a great deal of sensitivity. You can preserve the flowers either in the open air or in the oven, whereby the individual leaves must be spread out carefully and airy - either on a clean surface (e.g. a cloth) or on the baking sheet lined with baking paper. Otherwise, follow the same procedure for drying the rose petals as for drying an entire bouquet as described above.

Roses dry with silica gel or salt

Drying is quite straightforward, but has one disadvantage: the colors of the flower fade a lot. You can prevent this by not preserving the roses in the air or in the oven, but instead soaking them in silica gel or salt. You can get the silica gel in any good craft store. Now do the following:

  • Choose a large enough container.
  • This should be able to be sealed airtight.
  • Hold the bouquet of roses in there
  • and fill the cavities with silica gel or salt.
  • Shake the vessel from time to time so that there really are no air spaces left.
  • You can also let the floor hit the table or something similar.
  • When the roses are completely covered, close the jar well.
  • Keep it in a dark, dry and warm place.
  • The drying process should be completed after a few weeks.

The best method: to preserve a bouquet of roses with glycerine

However, the best way to make roses last forever is glycerine. To do this, mix liquid glycerine with water and place the fresh roses (cut diagonally on the stems, of course!) There. The flowers will soak up the glycerine water and thus be preserved. You are ready as soon as small droplets emerge from the petals. In this way, the roses are just as beautifully preserved as if they were actually fresh from the garden in the vase - all you have to do is dust them off from time to time.


Ask in the craft store about colored and reusable salt for drying - you can tell by its color how far the drying process has progressed or even ended. The lighter the color, the more moisture the special salt has absorbed. You can dry the salt in the oven after it has been used and then store it for its next use.

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