This is what proper care of the Haworthia looks like

This is what proper care of the Haworthia looks like

How do you water Haworthia properly?

As a succulent plant, the Haworthia cannot tolerate too much moisture. But it shouldn't be kept dry for too long either. The plant takes a break from July to August. During this time it will not be poured.

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From April to June and from September to November, water regularly when the surface of the substrate has dried. In winter only enough water is given to prevent the root ball from drying out completely.

It is better to water a haworthia from below, as no water should get into the interior of the rosettes. Excess irrigation water must be poured off immediately.

What should be considered when fertilizing?

Fertilizing is not necessary. Too many nutrients make the leaves soft and more likely to damage them.

When is it time to repot the Haworthia?

Take the Haworthia out of the pot every spring to see whether the previous pot is still sufficient. Carefully shake off the old substrate and place the plant in fresh soil and, if necessary, in a larger pot.

Does the haworthia have to be cut?

Haworthia remain very small and therefore do not have to be cut at all. But you can cut daughter rosettes or leaf cuttings to propagate the plant.

What diseases and pests are there?

Diseases are rare. If there is waterlogging or water in the rosettes, root and leaf rot occurs.

Watch out for pests like

  • Mealybugs
  • Root lice
  • Scale insects

An infestation should be treated immediately.

How do you care for the Haworthia in winter?

Some species can tolerate very low temperatures. Nevertheless, you should better overwinter the Haworthia frost-free. However, a location that is too warm is not suitable.

The winter temperatures are ideally 5 to 15 degrees. The warmer it is at the location, the more light the Haworthia needs, even in winter.

Don't keep the succulent plant too moist in winter to prevent it from rotting.


The Haworthia can be propagated relatively unproblematically. You can grow new cuttings from seeds, daughter rosettes or leaf cuttings.