Storing tulip bulbs correctly - tips for storage

Storing tulip bulbs correctly - tips for storage

Proper preparation paves the way to summer camps

Tulip leaves have a key function in plant physiology that is far from over when the flowering period ends. Rather, the nutrients it contains are of essential importance for maintaining the vigor of growth within a tulip bulb. Before you cut the leaves, they should be completely drawn in. Until then, the nutrients move inside the flower bulb to be stored there as a reserve for the next season. To prepare the plants for storage:

  • When the leaves are completely dead, the tulip bulbs are dug up
  • Carefully loosen the soil with a digging fork
  • Use a hand shovel to lift the loosened flower bulbs from the ground
  • Finally, cut off the leaves with a sharp knife

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The less the root strands are affected by this process, the better for healthy storage in summer quarters. Therefore, reach into the ground with the hand shovel at least 30 cm to grasp the tulip bulb and its roots.

Only clean and healthy onions come into the warehouse

The preparation before moving to summer camp ends with careful cleaning and critical selection. To do this, please take a brush and remove the adhering earth completely. Now, at the latest, any damage or rotten areas will come to light that make storage pointless. These flower bulbs are sorted out.

Store properly - the ideal framework

Cool temperatures and good air circulation create the ideal microclimate for the perfect storage of tulip bulbs. The following suggestions for a suitable storage space may serve as your inspiration:

  • Line a wooden box with untreated paper and store the tulip bulbs in it
  • Set up a wire rack and spread the flower bulbs on it
  • Wrap each bulb in breathable fleece and place on the wooden shelf
  • Store the onions in a box on dry sand or peat dust

It should be as dark as possible in the storage room, at temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. If the mercury column rises above this, the flower bulbs could sprout prematurely.

Keep mice at a distance

Tulip bulbs are high on the menu for mice. However you store the tubers; Protection against the pests should be guaranteed. A close-meshed wire netting prevents the pests from the hoped-for meal.

Check regularly

Take a closer look at tulip bulbs in summer camp every 8 to 14 days. Specimens with mold or rot are immediately sorted out so that the damage does not spread.


If you keep a large number of tulip bulbs throughout the summer, you can quickly lose track of things. So that you can plant the spring flowers in the desired color combination in autumn, we recommend that you clearly label the shelves or containers before you store the flower bulbs.

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