How to mess with wasps in the roller shutter box

How to mess with wasps in the roller shutter box

Wasps standing on roller shutter boxes

The wasps who prefer to choose roller shutter boxes when looking for accommodation are so-called dark cave caves. This group includes the most common and annoying species such as the German and the common wasp, as well as the rarer and far less intrusive red wasp. The hemstitch in roller shutter boxes is exactly the right size for these dark cave boxes and the best lighting conditions for nest building.

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The German and the common wasp are among the species of wasp that make up extremely large states. A colony can grow to 7,000 animals in the course of a season. It is all the more problematic if a nest of its kind is right next to the house.

To note:

  • Wasp species that nest in roller shutter boxes are the most common German and common wasps
  • These species form very large states
  • Roller shutter boxes offer you ideal nesting conditions

Prevention options

So that there is no wasp siege through bedroom or living room windows in the first place, it is very worth taking precautions. Because once wasps have moved in, control is difficult and dangerous. Basically, in this case the only option is to relocate the nest - and that should definitely be done by specialists. The cost of such relocation is around 100 euros.


Sealing is the key to preventing the wasps from accessing the roller shutter box. By sealing all possible entrances to the roller shutter box, you are the safest way to prevent wasps from settling. Examine the area around the roller shutter for cracks in the plaster or damage to the window frame and close it with plaster of paris, construction foam or silicone.

It is best to do this in early spring, when the risk of longer periods of frost has been reduced and a young queen is not yet in state formation mode. This is the best way to keep the closures tight.

make noise

What can spoil a female wasp from settling in a roller shutter box is noise. For us humans, apartments right next to the tram or under trampling neighbors are ultimately not attractive either. If you often raise and lower the roller shutters in the spring, the value of the apartment for the Wasp can be significantly reduced. Annoying, but arm training!

Build odor barriers

Even if there is an unpleasant smell in an apartment, we tend to move on to the next offer. This can also happen to a wasp. If you have the option of installing wasp-repelling scent sources in the immediate vicinity, do so. For example, a neat incense plant in a hanging tub directly on the window frame would be possible. Alternatively, you can regularly spray the area around the roller shutter box with a mixture of water and essential oil (for example clove or tea tree oil) in the spring.