Caring for tomato plants - how they should be

Caring for tomato plants - how they should be

How should tomato plants be watered?

The more evenly tomatoes are poured, the more stable they develop. Taking into account the weather, temperatures and soil conditions, the root ball should be kept constantly moist. Waterlogging is to be avoided at all costs. At the same time, the above-ground parts of the plant must be protected from any moisture. Therefore, never water tomato plants over the flowers and leaves, but always directly on the roots.

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Which fertilizer covers the nutritional needs?

In the second week after planting out, the targeted supply of nutrients begins. Fertilize tomato plants with organic fertilizers, such as compost, horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or nettle manure. Treat tomatoes in pots on the balcony with organic liquid fertilizer.

How does it work?

Regular pruning directs the plant's energy into large fruits instead of branching growth. How to do it:

  • Remove stinging shoots in the leaf axils from a length of 3-5 centimeters
  • Grip between your thumb and forefinger and snap it off
  • Carry out this maintenance measure several times a week throughout the season

Can tomato plants be cut?

The vast majority of tomato varieties should be grown on one to two shoots to ensure a plentiful harvest of plump fruit. Therefore, at the beginning of the cultivation, select the main shoot (s) and guide them towards the sky on a climbing aid. If further shoots and leaves flourish below the first umbel, they are immediately removed as undesirable competition.

  • Do not cut off rival shoots to the main stem, but break them out
  • Leave 4-5 fruit-bearing branches on the main shoot and snap off all others with your fingers

What diseases and pests threaten tomato plants?

The professional care of tomato plants also serves to ward off these dreaded diseases:

  • Brown rot
  • Flower end rot
  • Green collar
  • mildew

The more vital and robust the tomatoes, the less attractive they are for the pests of tomato leaf miners, rust mites, whiteflies or thrips. If there is an infestation, a whole arsenal of effective pesticides is available on a natural basis.

Can tomato plants overwinter?

In its South American homeland, the tomato thrives for several years. Given the frosty winters, the plant has no chance of overwintering outdoors in our regions. The feat can still succeed on the warm windowsill or in the heated greenhouse. Small-sized cocktail tomatoes and robust wild tomatoes are preferred.

Tips & Tricks

If tomatoes are exposed to the weather without protection, cultivation has little chance of success. Even a simple roof as rain protection brings the harvest of aromatic tomatoes within reach. Ideally, you should grow the exotic plants in a greenhouse that you can build yourself with a little manual skill.

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