The most beautiful trees for the balcony and terrace

The most beautiful trees for the balcony and terrace

Dwarf trees are ideal for balcony gardens

Almost every tree species has special dwarf breeds that can reach a maximum height of two meters and usually grow in the form of a bush. However, in tree nurseries and garden centers, tall or half-tall trunks are often available, which can be wonderfully kept as mini-trees in pots.

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Deciduous trees

Many of the great representatives from forests and parks are also available in miniature format. Whether maple, beech, oak, ash or chestnut: If the description of the plant is preceded by a “dwarf” name, it is a miniature breed. The following are particularly nice for the bucket:

  • Dwarf column hornbeam 'Monumentalis' (Carpinus betulus): columnar, very slow growing
  • Dwarf column oak 'Menhir' (Quercus palustris): reaches a maximum height of 200 centimeters
  • Dwarf ash 'Abiona' (Fraxinus excelsior): reaches a height of around 100 centimeters
  • Dwarf beech 'Sandrode' (Fagus sylvatica): reaches a maximum height of 150 centimeters
  • Dwarf copper beech 'Purpurea Nana' (Fagus sylvatica): reaches a height of approx. 200 centimeters
  • Dwarf beech 'Asterix' (Fagus sylvatica): up to about 100 centimeters high, very slow growing
  • Dwarf flowering cherry 'Kojou-no-mai' (Prunus incisa): becomes about 100 centimeters high

Please note that the size information is not fixed: The actual growth of a tree depends heavily on the growing conditions on site as well as the location and the nature of the soil.

Fruit trees

Fruit trees belong to the group of deciduous trees, but they occupy a special position due to the use of their fruits. Since there is now a large selection of columnar and dwarf fruit varieties, you don't have to go without apples, pears, cherries and plums from your own harvest on the balcony. Column fruit in particular - be careful: not every place that says “column” is real column fruit! - is ideal due to the narrow growth. For example:

  • Column apple 'Sonata'
  • Dwarf apple 'Delgrina'
  • Dwarf pear 'Luisa Kirchensaller'
  • Dwarf sour cherry 'Morellini'

Even if these fruit trees remain rather small, the fruits still reach normal dimensions. As a rule, it is enough to plant these trees in a pot with a volume of ten liters.


There are also many conifer species in a pleasing dwarf form. For example, nice things for the bucket are:

  • Dwarf or creeping pine (Pinus mugo var. Pumilio): flat, spherical, up to 150 centimeters high
  • Dwarf spruce 'Shadow's Broom' (Picea orientalis): very slow growing, up to 80 centimeters high
  • Dwarf fir 'Meyer's Dwarf' (Abies cephalonica): up to 150 centimeters high
  • Dwarf balsam fir 'Nana' (Abies balsamea): fragrant needles, very slow growing, up to 80 centimeters high
  • Dwarf Nordmann fir 'Robusta' (Abies nordmanniana): up to approx. 300 centimeters, slow growing


Bonsai are also great for balconies and patios. However, these are not dwarf trees, but completely normal trees - which are only kept small by special cutting and care techniques.