The gentian bush is not hardy

The gentian bush is not hardy

Gentian bushes are not hardy

In their home in South America, the blue or white flowering ornamental plants grow in warmth and lots of light. They are not used to frost and freeze to death at sub-zero temperatures.

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As a result, they pose a major problem for hobby gardeners in the cold season. The trees can grow up to four meters tall in the open. In good conditions, they can easily reach two meters in the bucket.

To overwinter the ornamental plant, you need a lot of space in a place that is absolutely frost-free. It doesn't necessarily have to be bright. In the dark, however, the evergreen plant sheds all of its leaves. It then takes much longer until the next bloom.

Protect the gentian bush from frost in the garden

A gentian tree can be kept very well in the garden bed in warm temperatures. There he gets enough light and is optimally supplied with nutrients.

Since the shrub is not hardy, you need to dig it up in the fall and put it in a bucket. Then set it up in a room that has enough space.

Do not overwinter the gentian tree outdoors in the tub

Even the gentian tree as a high trunk is not winter hardy. You must not leave it outside in sub-zero temperatures.

The bucket must be brought into the house at the latest when the outside temperature is around seven degrees.

Wintering the standard gentian bush

The standard tree presents you with a problem. Either you cut it into shape so that there is enough space in the winter quarters, or you leave all the shoots untrimmed, but then need a larger floor space.

The more you prune the sapling before wintering, the fewer flowers the gentian bush will develop in the next year. Let the shoots grow, the flowering will be much more abundant.

Tips & Tricks

All parts of the gentian tree are poisonous. Plant sap in particular can seriously damage the skin. Therefore, always wear gloves when caring for the gentian bush.