Dandelions - remove the weeds

Dandelions - remove the weeds

Why is dandelion so unpopular?

The first question that should be asked is why the dandelion is so unpopular and why the control of this wild plant is often part of the 'duties' of allotment gardeners. Here are the main reasons:

  • its long taproot is difficult to remove
  • it produces seeds en masse
  • the seeds are easily spread by the wind
  • the weeds displace weaker plants
  • it virtually sprawls in suitable locations

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The right time: absolutely before the seeds ripen

If you want to remove the dandelion, you should never do it when the seeds are ripe! Even if you touch them lightly, for example with your foot, the seeds loosen on the 'dandelions' and are spread. They can germinate for up to 10 years and can cause the gardener to despair for as long.

It is best to destroy the dandelion before it starts to flower! But at the latest when the yellow flowers light up like signals, that should be a warning to you. It is then high time for a successful destruction!

Cut out the weeds

One can permanently eradicate the dandelion, among others, by pricking it out. This is considered to be the most effective and safest method. This can be done with the help of a weed cutter or a sharp, sturdy knife.

Since it is usually quite difficult to simply pull the dandelion and its long taproot out of the ground, a weeding cutter comes in handy. You stick it in the ground right next to the dandelion plant. Now you have to pry or turn slightly so that the tap root is loosened. Then it can be pulled out of the earth.

Slowing down the reproduction: Cut off the flower heads

With little sweat, you can curb (and permanently get rid of) the dandelion by regularly cutting off its flower heads. Each plant is 1 to 3 years old. At some point it will die without having multiplied by means of its seeds.

Weed killer? Second choice remedy ...

Chemistry-based annihilators should be viewed for what they are: poison. Do you want something like that in the garden? If you can't find any other way out, sprays should only be an emergency solution. The poisons penetrate the soil and do not simply fizzle out again.

Do you prefer to use home remedies?

You can also get rid of all types of dandelions with home remedies. How it works? To do this, you need a home remedy that kills the dandelion. You pour this directly onto the plant. For example:

  • salt
  • vinegar
  • boiling water


On a large scale, household remedies such as salt and vinegar are not advisable as they damage the soil.