Simply spray the lawn - does it really work?

Simply spray the lawn - does it really work?

Spray the lawn with a special spray system

  • Just spray on and pour
  • No blowing away of the seeds
  • Seeds germinate everywhere
  • Very even seed emergence
  • Lawn grows in record time

These promises make a relatively new product that aims to make sowing the lawn easier. The sprayed area should be covered with green grass tips within a very short time. The liquid lawn seeds should be suitable for entire lawns as well as for reseeding lawn gaps.

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The sprayable lawn can be ordered on the Internet and is delivered to your home as a set consisting of a Hydro Mousse spray & seed attachment, click attachment, Hydro Mousse seed container, Hydro Mousse carrier and Hydro Mousse seeds.

How the lawn spraying works is explained in the enclosed instructions for use and is relatively easy to carry out. After sowing, the area must be blasted extensively so that the seeds can germinate.

Unfortunately, spraying the lawn rarely works

Unfortunately, caution should be exercised with this product. Many of the garden owners who were convinced by the advertising were ultimately not at all enthusiastic. The complaints ranged from the inferior spray system, which leaked when exposed to the slightest load, to the complete failure of the germinal material.

Preferably sow the lawn in the conventional way

Unfortunately, a dense, green lawn requires a lot of preparatory work. Even sowing cannot be carried out successfully without the corresponding amount of work.

In return, the garden owner can be sure that the self-sown lawn seeds will actually sprout and after a while will produce a green lawn carpet.

Cost of sprayable lawn

The easy sowing with sprayable lawn seeds has its price. This should also be taken into account when deciding on this type of lawn.

The required amount of high-quality lawn seeds can be purchased from specialist gardeners for a fraction of the cost.

Tips & Tricks

A good alternative is the turf. Here the grass plants are already fully grown and rooted. The lawn can be used just a few days after laying.