How hardy are primroses?

How hardy are primroses?

Primroses - few species are sensitive to frost

Primrose family includes a wide range of species. Depending on the species, they populate the high mountains of Europe and Asia, regions of the Arctic, the tropics or other regions. This results in considerable differences in compatibility with low temperatures.

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The primroses, which come from the tropics, are not frost hardy and should be quartered in this country over the winter. Well-known primrose species such as the cup primrose are only slightly frost-resistant. On the other hand, cushion primroses, cyclamen and cowslips can cope well with frost.

From -5 ° C it becomes critical

With most primroses, it becomes critical when the thermometer reading falls below -5 ° C. It is true that the rhizomes lying in the ground survive these minus temperatures. But the flower buds, which tend to open between January and April, do not tolerate such low degrees.

To protect them, it is sufficient to cover the primroses with a little newspaper. As soon as the temperature rises again, the newspaper can be removed. This is the only way for the flowers to open up.

Protect sensitive primroses in the bed

Primroses that are in the garden bed should be protected in harsh winter times. Various materials can be used to protect them. A mixture of leaves and brushwood has proven itself. Other suitable materials are:

  • fleece
  • Compost soil
  • Spruce or fir branches
  • moss
  • Bark mulch

Primroses in pots should always be protected in winter

Primroses in pots can be brought outside on the balcony or terrace or inside over the winter. For wintering outside:

  • Place a pot on the house wall (protection from freezing rain, snow, east wind, etc.)
  • Wrap the pot with fleece or newspaper

For wintering indoors:

  • Put primroses in at temperatures below -2 ° C
  • do not put in the living room
  • Suitable places: garage, basement, attic, hallway
  • Keep the soil moderately moist
  • do not fertilize

Tips & Tricks

If you buy primroses in winter, you should not plant them out immediately. Since they were in the warm greenhouse most of the time, they must slowly be accustomed to lower outside temperatures. Otherwise they get a frost shock.