What does weed film do and how is it installed?

What does weed film do and how is it installed?

What types of weed film are there?

Weed film is also often referred to as weed fleece (€ 28.90 at Amazon *) (mulch film, mulch fleece). It is a breathable film through which water, air and nutrients can penetrate the soil, but whose special properties effectively inhibit weed growth. It acts like a layer of mulch made of organic materials. They are available in different widths so that you can adapt the film to the size of the beds.

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Once laid out, the maintenance effort can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the water-permeable film. At the same time, the plants find optimal growth conditions.

Where can the water-permeable film be used?

In principle, this can be used wherever weeds need to be effectively pushed back. These can be:

  • Terraces,
  • Ornamental beds,
  • Vegetable patches,
  • Rock gardens,
  • gravel surfaces.

So that the film works optimally, it is available in different thicknesses:

  • 150 g / m² (extra strong): For extreme loads.
  • 120 g / m² (strong): For very strong weeds. Is mainly used in slope beds and rock gardens.
  • 80 g / m² (normal): standard garden film for kitchen and ornamental gardens.
  • 50 g / m² (light): ideal for kitchen gardens.

How is weed film laid?

Laying is very easy. In addition to the water-permeable film, you need:

  • Ground anchor for fastening,
  • as well as potting soil, gravel, bark mulch or another surface layer.
  • Depending on whether it is a bed or a path: plants, gravel, grit (€ 12.80 at Amazon *) or paving stones as a top layer.

Even before you lay the water-permeable film, you should mechanically free the bed area from weeds. Also remove dirt such as large stones, chop up the soil thoroughly and then smooth the earth.

It continues as follows:

  • Spread the fleece on the surface and cut it to size if necessary.
  • Fasten the garden foil with ground anchors.
  • Cut a cross in the fabric where plants are to be planted later.
  • Dig the planting hole and plant the plants.
  • Spread the corners of the fleece around the vegetation again.
  • Cover with soil or other material.
  • Water and fertilize as usual.


How long the weed control can push back weeds depends on the weather conditions. Direct sunlight may cause the film to age faster. Evenly covered with earth, garden film can serve its purpose for 25 years.