This care thanks a miracle flower with lavish abundance of flowers

This care thanks a miracle flower with lavish abundance of flowers

How do I water the miracle flower correctly?

The wonder flower loses a lot of moisture every day in full sun. You should therefore water the plant on warm summer days in the early morning hours and again in the evening. To prevent waterlogging, check beforehand with your finger whether the soil is actually dry.

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Should I fertilize a Mirabilis jalapa?

In order to bring out the lavish blooms every day anew, the miracle flower spends itself completely. You should therefore fill up the floral batteries with regular fertilizers. How to fertilize the wonder flower in an exemplary way:

  • When planting in May, enrich the soil with compost and horn shavings (€ 6.39 on Amazon *)
  • From mid-June, add a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to the irrigation water every 2 weeks

In September you stop the nutrient supply so that the wonder flower adjusts itself to the coming winter time.

When and how to cut a miracle flower

Only shortly before putting it in the winter quarters, cut the wonder flower back to 5 cm. Until then, the maintenance pruning is limited to regular cleaning of the withered flowers to make room for the next buds. If the plant grows over your head in the middle of summer, you can cut short shoots that are too long without worry.

Can the exotic flower overwinter?

In every miracle flower tuber, the vital force rests for several years. Although the South American plant is not winter hardy, it is still worth the effort of a protected wintering. Dig up the tubers in the fall to cut off shoots and roots. Knock off the earth to a large extent. In the dark winter quarters at a cool 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, store the tubers in a dry and airy place.


The pea-sized seeds of a miracle flower make propagation child's play. In autumn, the ripe seed heads can be harvested to store them in a dry, cool and dark place until spring. The best date for sowing is in March. When placed seed-deep on moist seed soil, germination begins within 14 days in the partially shaded, warm window seat.