Why does the ivy get yellow leaves?

Why does the ivy get yellow leaves?

Causes of yellow leaves of the ivy

If an ivy gets a lot of yellow leaves, the following care mistakes are usually responsible:

  • Substrate too wet
  • Earth too dry
  • Tendrils tied too tight

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Watering an efeutute requires a certain amount of tact. The earth must never dry out completely, but waterlogging is just as harmful.

Do not water the efeutute until the top layer of soil has dried.

Clamps too tight

The tendrils of the Efeutute are often held in place with clips. If these are too tight, they cut off the water supply to the leaves. Loosen the clamps.

Increase humidity

Sometimes too dry room air causes yellow leaves of the ivy. This happens more often in winter when the heaters are on.

Spray the efeutute regularly with water. Use tap water that is as low in lime as possible, so that no limescale forms on the leaves. You can also place a couple of bowls of water next to the plant. But do not leave the irrigation water in the coaster.

Do not place ventilators near radiators. Here the air dries out too much. Direct sunlight is also not cheap. At lunchtime, shade the efeutute with curtains or place it a little further away from the window.


Occasionally the leaves of the ivy drip. This is almost always due to the fact that the substrate is too moist. Water less and always pour away excess water immediately.