Hibernate hydrangea in a pot - what should be considered?

Hibernate hydrangea in a pot - what should be considered?

Preparing for winter

In autumn, prepare the plant for winter with suitable care measures.

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Stop fertilizing

So that the hydrangeas do not freeze back at low temperatures, the plant should no longer be fertilized in autumn. As a result, the shoots mature completely and are frost-resistant. In addition, the hydrangea does not sprout immediately on the first mild spring days, which can lead to the flower buds freezing to death in the event of sudden night frosts.

Remove dried out parts of the plant

In autumn, carefully cut off all withered and damaged parts of the plant. These are entry points for numerous plant diseases and fungi. Avoid radical pruning, as this robs the plant of a lot of strength at the beginning of winter dormancy.

Fight diseases and parasites

When pruning, check the hydrangea for common pests such as

  • Spider mites
  • Mealybug
  • Thrips

and possible plant diseases. Fight them with effective means before the hydrangea moves to winter quarters.

Suitable planters

So that the earth does not completely freeze in the bucket, it should be at least forty centimeters in diameter. Thick-walled buckets are ideal as they offer a certain degree of protection from the cold thanks to the material.

Hibernate hydrangeas indoors

Hydrangeas that are cared for in smaller pots should be brought to a bright and cool room, for example the cellar, before the first frosts. Temperatures of around five degrees are ideal. Please keep in mind that the hydrangea must be watered regularly even in winter.

Hibernate hydrangeas in the tub on the balcony

If the hydrangea is in a sufficiently large planter, you can maintain it on the balcony or terrace in winter. To ensure that the plant survives the cold season well, do the following:

  • Place the hydrangea in the bucket in a place on the house wall protected from wind and sun.
  • Wrap the pot in jute or bubble wrap.
  • Cover the hydrangea with a special plant fleece.
  • Regularly check whether the soil is still moist and water if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

Leave the dried flower heads on the hydrangea during the winter. These protect the drifting flowers from frost.