Tall plants as attractive privacy screens

Tall plants as attractive privacy screens

Evergreen hedges made from proven hedge plants

There is a certain selection of hedge plants that are, so to speak, among the "classics" of privacy protection hedges:

  • the different subspecies of Thuja occidentalis
  • Cherry laurel
  • Box

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Since the box grows very slowly, it is usually only suitable for low hedges. The cherry laurel, on the other hand, is extremely vigorous and can also be satisfied with shady locations. Among the different cultivars of Thuja occidentalis, the bushy Thuja occidentalis 'Brabant' and the stiffly columnar Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' are among the most popular hedge varieties. Not exactly evergreen, but they are also suitable as plant material for high hedges:

  • beech
  • liguster
  • Barberry

High bushes as privacy screens

Many flowering shrubs cultivated in the garden can reach heights of more than three meters under suitable site conditions. Before planting a privacy hedge made of flowering shrubs, however, you should be aware that this type of living privacy screen cannot be raised and cut as narrow as a cypress or beech hedge. On the other hand, flowering hedges are less intimidating than a “green wall” made of needles or leaves. In addition, they also represent an ecological added value, since they offer many birds and insects nesting opportunities and sometimes even food in the form of their fruits.

Plant a particularly high privacy screen from trees

If you really do not have to take any legal or other considerations into account for your neighbors when edging the property, trees can also be planted as privacy screens. Here, however, trees with a pronounced division into trunk and treetop only make sense if they are supplemented by a hedge of bushes in the lower area with advanced age. Ordinary red spruces (Picea abies), on the other hand, can first be cut like a hedge so that they form numerous branches in the lower area. With increasing age, the spruce trees can reach heights of 20 meters and more with their tops, while with sufficient incidence of light they still retain their dense needles close to the ground.


If tall plants such as red spruce are planted as privacy screens around the garden plot, they not only provide a good privacy screen, but also an effective protection against annoying gusts of wind.