This is how the star flower thrives in the garden - tips for a heavenly sea of ​​flowers

This is how the star flower thrives in the garden - tips for a heavenly sea of ​​flowers

This is how the flower bulbs get into the ground in an exemplary manner

Since the star flower is already shivering at temperatures around freezing point, the time window for planting opens at the end of April at the earliest. Choose a sunny, warm and sheltered location with well-drained, normal garden soil. How to plant the flower bulbs correctly:

  • Dig small pits with a depth of 10 cm at a distance of 5-6 cm
  • Place the onions in them with the point towards the sky
  • Enrich the excavation with sifted compost, place on the tubers, press down and water

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Since waterlogging puts an end to the pretty star flowers prematurely, if in doubt, put a thin layer of sand on the bottom of the planting pit.

The star flower is satisfied with this care program

The uncomplicated care of a star flower does not pose any significant challenges, even for novice gardeners. This overview gives you all the important measures for a lavish flowering in the garden:

  • Water the star flower moderately when it is dry, without causing waterlogging
  • Apply a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants every 14-21 days from May to July
  • Regularly clean withered flower heads to prevent the seed growth

At the end of the flowering period, please stop adding fertilizer. At the same time, pour less and less until the onion is dry. Meanwhile, the stems slowly die off because the tuber draws all the nutrients out of it. Therefore, do not cut the shafts prematurely.

Put away before winter

Since the star flower is only partially hardy, dig up the bulbs in late autumn. Now cut off the remaining plant remains and let the tubers dry for a few days. Remnants of garden soil should only be shaken off, as contact with water could now cause rot. In the dark, frost-free winter quarters, store the flower bulbs in an airy and dry place until the next year.


As a sun worshiper with a weakness for sandy, dry earth, the star flower sprays its floral charm in rock gardens and gravel beds for many weeks. Under the protection of stone mulch, (€ 213.00 at Amazon *) there is even the prospect of an undamaged wintering under the open sky in mild winter regions.