Cut and rejuvenate sedum plant

Cut and rejuvenate sedum plant

Prune sedum in spring

Basically, sedum plants do not have to be cut regularly every year, because if the plants feel good and are growing well, only a rejuvenating cut is due every few years. With this you remove unsightly grown or bare shoots, and you can also divide them at the same time. However, if you disturb the dried-up inflorescences from the previous year, you can of course cut them back - but only in spring, as the fat hen needs the nutrients that are still in the old shoots as winter supplies. The pruning is best done shortly before the new budding.

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Cut sedum for autumn arrangements

Incidentally, the sedum plant inflorescences can also be cut when they are still in full bloom. You can use them for colorful garden bouquets or autumnal arrangements, whereby the sedum plant can also be dried very well. To do this, simply hang the freshly cut shoots upside down in an airy and warm place, but not in direct sunlight - the beautiful flower colors only fade there.

Cut cuttings or offshoots

Chickens can easily be propagated by cuttings or leaf cuttings, which are also cut in spring. You can also divide longer shoots into several pieces and plant them separately - Sedum forms roots very easily, although you should let the interfaces dry for about two to three days before planting. It is best to use a succulent substrate as the potting soil, which - as is usual with vegetative propagation - should be kept moist for several weeks.

Propagate fatty hens using cuttings

Some sedum species also develop side shoots that are cut as offshoots from a length of about five centimeters and can be planted like cuttings in a succulent substrate. Both the cuttings and the cuttings can be planted outdoors immediately as soon as new roots have formed.


When pruning, make sure not to cut back the shoots more than 2/3 of the original length.