Sprout avocado successfully - just a little patience is required

Sprout avocado successfully - just a little patience is required

Prepare the seed core optimally

Experience has shown that seeds from very ripe avocados germinate best. To get to the seeds, carefully cut the fruit open with a sharp knife. However, be careful not to damage the core. Carefully loosen the stone from the pulp, the easiest way to do this is with a large spoon. Then remove the brown membrane that surrounds the core. This measure ensures that the seed can germinate more easily.

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What you need to grow avocados successfully

  • Avocado seeds
  • a small pot / water glass (depending on the method chosen)
  • Cultivation soil / water
  • a lot of patience

Germinating in potting soil

Many hobby gardeners first let their avocado seeds germinate in a water bath. However, this method is neither faster nor more promising than planting the seed directly in a pot of soil. For the direct method, you should choose either special potting soil or a peat mixture that is placed in a small plant pot. The avocado kernel is stuck into this soil with its flattened side facing downwards, with the upper part of the seed peeking out. Water the soil well and cover the potty with foil. A warm location protected from drafts is best. However, direct sunlight should be avoided. The core will germinate within at least four weeks.

Germination in a water bath

The water method, on the other hand, is a little more complicated. To do this, put the core with the flat side down in a glass filled with water, with the top sticking out. You can fix the core with toothpicks - but be careful, otherwise you will damage the seed and germination is no longer possible. To be on the safe side, you can also use a shot glass instead of a water glass, then there is no need to fix it. Now place the glass with its core in a warm but dark place and make sure that the water level is always even. The core germinates within a few weeks. If a sprout has formed, the vessel is placed in a light, but not sunny, location. The avocado can be planted as soon as a root ball has developed.

Tips & Tricks

Just don't lose your patience: an avocado seed needs at least four weeks to germinate - under certain circumstances it can take several months for the first visible results to appear. However, the attempt is to be interpreted as unsuccessful as soon as the core starts to mold or rot.