How do I build a vine support myself?

How do I build a vine support myself?

The free-standing trellis

You need sharpened logs that are 50 centimeters longer than the desired trellis height. You knock these into the ground at the beginning and end of the row of plants. From a height of 80 centimeters, you stretch stainless wire, which is fixed with U-clamps. The distance between the individual trellis wires is ideally 25 centimeters.

The vine trellis on the house wall

To attach a climbing aid for grapevines to the house wall, you need special trellis wire, possibly thinner stitching wire and spacers. That's how it's done:

  • the lower edge of the trellis is 50 centimeters above the ground as protection against infection with powdery mildew
  • Use the spacers to attach the wire 10 centimeters from the wall
  • The supporting wires on the trellis are 100 centimeters apart

We recommend stretching a stitching wire between the trellis wires. Tendrils can also be tied here so that they do not dangle while growing.