Mushrooms grow in the flower pot

Mushrooms grow in the flower pot

Why do mushrooms grow in the flower pot?

Fungi always grow where the decomposition processes of organic material take place. They are found on soils with a high proportion of humus. This is also often the case with simple potting soil if there is too much peat or peat substitutes. The humidity, the amount of water in the earth and the room temperature also play a role.

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Are the fungi harmful to humans or plants?

First of all, the fungi do not harm the plants. However, there are species that cover the surface in the flower pot with a water-repellent layer. Too little water then penetrates to the roots and the supply of oxygen is also insufficient.

The fungi release their spores into the room air and can therefore trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Sometimes yellow mushrooms also grow in the flower pot. This is usually the yellow folded umbrella. Since there are not yet sufficient studies on its toxicity, the fungus should definitely be removed when there are children in the house. Since the mushroom looks interesting, curious children might get the idea to nibble on it.

Measures against the fungus in the flower pot

If you discover mushrooms in your flower pots, take the following immediate measures:

  • Put the infected pot outside.
  • Ventilate the apartment so that possible spores are blown out.
  • Repot the plant.
  • Remove the infested soil, shake off the roots well.
  • Make the root ball about a quarter smaller.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the pot with a brush and vinegar water.
  • Make sure there is a free drainage hole.
  • Put a drainage layer in the flower pot.
  • Put your plant back in place and use good quality potting soil.
  • Put the soil contaminated with fungal mesh in a sealed bag with the general waste.

How to avoid the appearance of fungus

If a few rules are followed when planting flower pots, fungus formation can largely be avoided.

  • Avoid waterlogging by creating a drainage made of expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or pottery shards
  • the drainage hole in the pot must be free
  • avoid high humidity in the room (with indoor plants)
  • ventilate regularly (for indoor plants)
  • Do not water until the top layer of soil has dried out
  • If possible, water the plant from below
  • Always use high quality soil when planting