These balcony plants bring color into winter - design ideas

These balcony plants bring color into winter - design ideas

Winter bloomers for boxes and tubs - curtain up for blooms in the snow

Winter bloomers astonish us with their blossoms in the midst of ice and snow. The following balcony plants cannot be prevented by freezing frost from creating a flower dress in the box and tub:

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Winter blooming balcony plants for boxes and potsbotanical nameStatureblossomsHeydaysuitable forSpecialty
Winter heather 'Kramer's Red'Erica darleyensis30 to 40 cmrose-red bud flowersDecember to AprilBox and bucketnice in combination with winter heather 'White Perfection'
Christmas rose 'Praecox'Helleborus niger15 to 25 cmwhite bowlsNovember to AprilBalcony boxAfter a winter season, transplant into the bed
PansyViola tricolor10 to 20 cmnumerous shadesOctober to MarchBalcony boxblooms continuously in mild winter
Winter jasmineJasminum nudiflorum250 to 300 cmyellow, simple flowersDecember to MarchbucketClimbing aid required
Mediterranean snowball 'Gwenllian'Viburnum tinus100 to 130 cmspherical, white-pink flower umbelsNovember to Aprilbucketflowers in a sheltered location with light winter protection

Fruit decorations and evergreen leaves - a picturesque duo for the winter balcony

We do not want to withhold one of the most beautiful balcony plants for winter decoration. The red carpet berry (Gaultheria procumbens) inspires with shiny, evergreen and very distinctive leaves, which are decorated with red berries in winter. In the course of winter, the dense foliage turns bronze-red, which ensures floral moments of happiness in the box and tub.

Filigree and frost hardy - ornamental grasses for the wintry balcony

Wintergreen and evergreen ornamental grasses fill in gaps or stand out as solitaires. In the creative design plan for the winter time on the balcony, the distinctive grass heads should not be missing. We have put together recommended species and varieties for you below:

  • White Japanese Sedge (Carex morrowii): evergreen, white-edged culms, well hardy; 30-40 cm
  • Blue fescue 'Bergsilber' (Festuca cinerea): blue-green grass heads with a silvery sheen; 10-30 cm
  • Small pampas grass 'Evita' (Cortaderia selloana): decorative solitaire for the winter tub; 60-150 cm

Winter-resistant ornamental grasses are characterized by their uncomplicated care. Since the stalks continuously evaporate water, please water regularly on mild days, even during winter. You can easily comb out evergreen grass with gloved hands in spring. Only evergreen, deciduous ornamental grasses are cut back in March to a hand's breadth above the substrate.


The information on frost hardness of up to - 40 degrees Celsius suggest a winter hardiness that is not given on the balcony. In the tub and flower box, the root balls of winter-proof balcony plants are vulnerable to frost. So cover the vessels with fleece, foil or coconut mats. (116.09 € at Amazon *) A foot made of wood or styrofoam wards off freezing frost from below.