How is the snapdragon cut back?

How is the snapdragon cut back?

Cut off what has faded

So that the snapdragon does not put a lot of effort into seed formation and keeps sprouting fresh buds, everything that has withered has to be cleaned regularly. Cut out the faded inflorescences and shorten the main shoots a few centimeters at the same time for bushy growth.

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Cut back before winter

Since the naturally grown green is an excellent protection, you should not cut back the hardy snapdragon in autumn. Often you can enjoy the flowers well into December.

As soon as the first night frost threatens, the plant is protected from frost with a mulch layer of leaves and spruce branches loosely layered over it.

Cut back in spring

Only in spring do you cut the snapdragon back to a height of one to two hand's widths above the ground.

The cutting rules in a nutshell:

  • Regularly clean out what has faded, this promotes the formation of new flowers
  • Cut out the stems completely
  • Cut flowers for the vase in the morning so they will last longer.
  • Remove the top inches of the shoots to encourage bushy growth.
  • Do not prune back in autumn.
  • Only in the spring is it shortened to a height of one to two hand widths.


Snapdragons are long-lasting vase flowers. To do this, cut the flower stalks early in the morning, because then they will last longer. Choose shoots whose bottom three to four flowers have already faded so that the top buds also reliably open in the vase.