The right time to cut the hornbeam hedge

The right time to cut the hornbeam hedge

The first cut is made in spring

The best time to cut the hornbeam hedge radically is not autumn, as many gardeners believe, but early spring, preferably February. Then the plants have not yet started sprouting and can cope better with a heavy cut.

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In addition, no birds nest in the hedge that would be disturbed.

Cut a second time after Midsummer Day

The second cut, a slight shape cut, is made after St. John's Day, which is June 24th. Shortly before this, the hornbeam hedge has a new, albeit smaller, shoot.

Do not prune too much from March to the end of June

During the birds' breeding season, hedges may only be trimmed very lightly. Before you reach for the scissors, check whether there are still inhabited nests in the hornbeam hedge.

The right day to cut the hornbeam hedge

The right day also plays a role in pruning hornbeam hedges. In winter, a frost-free day with at least 5 degrees Celsius is ideal.

In summer, cut the hedge on a cloudy day when it is not too warm and does not rain. If the hornbeam hedge is cut in blazing sun, the cut ends dry up and the hedge takes longer to recover.


Young hornbeam hedges have to be cut a lot more often so that they become dense quickly. It is advisable to cut back up to six times a year. Here, too, the strongest cut is made in early spring.